Wintersinger’s has several different varieties of Christmas trees to choose from. All varieties are available for you to choose and cut your own. For those who are unable to cut their own, we also offer that we pre-cut trees from our fields.

We also provide a wholesale option for businesses and service clubs wishing to include Wintersinger’s Christmas trees alongside their products or for fundraisers. If you are interested, please contact us as at your earliest convenience to discuss the possibility.

Pick Your Favourite

Trees and Wreaths

Blue Spruce

(Blue and Myer Blue)

Dark green to powdery blue; ¾ to 1½ inches long; very stiff needles; good needle retention; symmetrical; branches are very stiff and support heavy decorations.

Trees and Wreaths


(Balsam and Fraser)

Dark green needles ½ to 1½ inches long; soft needles; great needle retention; nice scent; pyramid-shaped; strong branches which turn upwards.

Trees and Wreaths


(White and Norway)

Green to bluish green needles ½ to ¾ inch long; stiff needles;
good needle retention.

Trees and Wreaths

White Pine

Soft blue-green needles 2 to 5 inches long in bundles of five; very soft needles; retains needles throughout the holiday season; very full appearance; little or no fragrance; less allergic reactions as compared to more fragrant trees.

White pine trees are unavailable for the 2020 season.

Price List

Pine & Spruce Trees up to 8ft.

  • White PineNot Available for 2020
  • White & Norway Spruce$55+HST
  • Blue & Myer Spruce$65+HST

Pine & Spruce Trees over 8ft.

Due to the additional labour required to prune and maintain these trees, there is charge of $5.00 per additional foot.

Fir Trees up to 8ft.

  • Fraser & Balsam Fir$100+HST

Fir Trees over 8ft.

Due to the additional labour required to prune and maintain these trees, there is charge of $10.00 per additional foot.

  • Small Tree Stand$45
  • Large Tree Stand$65
  • Tree Bags$8

Tree Care

When you get home, there are steps you can take to ensure your Christmas tree remains fresh throughout the Christmas season…

  • Make a fresh 1 inch cut in the trunk and place immediately into water. This is required because when a tree is cut, sap seals the trunk much like a cut flower and a fresh cut allows the tree to drink water.
  • Never let the water level get below the bottom of the stump. If it does then a fresh cut will be necessary. Watch the water level closely for the first 24-48 hours as this is when the tree will drink the most water.
  • Make sure your tree is not near a heat source such as heating vents or televisions as the heat will dry out the needles on your Christmas tree.
  • Ensure all lights and cords are in good repair with no broken bulbs or bare wires. Always turn Christmas tree lights off when you are not at home. Never use candles or any other open flame near your Christmas tree.

Wreaths, Garland and Greenery

Visit our wreath boutique to add fresh handmade wreaths and garland for that finishing touch. Wreaths begin at $25.00 plus HST. In addition, we have available in our boutique items such as greenery for creating you own displays; apple cider to take home and enjoy; our unique, hassle-free tree stands; easy tree removal bags for minimal fuss.

Customized garland can be ordered by telephone. We require at least three days notice to compete your order. Custom orders can be picked up, when you come for your tree or you may specify a date for pick up.

Trees and Wreaths


Trees and Wreaths


Trees and Wreaths


Visit our snack bar to get warm and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or hot cider along with a snack. It’s the perfect way to wrap up a visit to Wintersinger’s.

Price List

Fresh Artisan Wreaths

  • Fir Undecorated$22
  • Fir Decorated$32
  • 3–Mix Undecorated$25
  • 3–Mix Decorated$35


  • Single Mix$1 per ft.
  • 2–Mix$1.50 per ft.
  • 3–Mix$2 per ft.


  • Curly Branches$1 per Branch
  • Bows$8


  • Large Bunch (Pine, Cedar, Fir or Mixed)$5 per Bunch
  • Red Dogwood$4 per Bunch
  • Hemlock$3 per Bunch
  • Juniper$4 per Bunch

Apple Cider

  • 2 Litre$5
  • 4 Litre$8

All prices are subject to HST


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(519) 855-6163

Trees and Wreaths

Hours of Operation

We are open 7 days a week from November 21st until December 21st.

SEVEN DAYS A WEEK — 9:00am to 5:00pm

Trees and Wreaths

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